Aug 2014

Nyphoon Games

Nyphoon's developer diary hub is back and better than ever! It's been a month since I revealed that Nyphoon will be moving to a new website, and that day is finally here. Coinciding with Winter's Light presentation later today, Nyphoon's new website is finally live, alongside the studio-wide re-branding!

It's been a tumultuous month for Nyphoon Games. After the announcement that Nyphoon would be presenting the studio and Winter's Light, the plan to bring the new website live within a month was brought into effect. The plans weren't unhindered, and early in July the old WordPress site was hacked by unknown assailants who uploaded malware to Nyphoon Games' website. This prompted the website's suspension by One's administration, and the website was then deliberately brought down.

The new website is a mark of what Nyphoon stands for - minimalistic, simple and modern. When planning the website, as far back as a few months ago, I wanted the new website to break away from the limitations offered by WordPress whilst retaining the functionality. 

Minimalistic, simple and modern. Nyphoon.

Nyphoon's new website offers a more streamlined experience, focusing on making the development blog - the hub's main reason of existing - readable and accessible. Having a custom-built website allows for a lot of room for customization, as evident in Winter's Light page. As well as redesigning the pages and implementing a new gallery engine for displaying Winter's Light concept art, Nyphoon's press kit has been scrapped in favour of a developing one-page information page. 

Launching Nyphoon's new website was also the perfect opportunity to re-brand, giving the hobbyist studio the identity it personifies.

The new logo, created using one of the most minimalistic fonts - GeoSans Light - is symbolic of all that Nyphoon represents. The clean logo is miles away of the older, more bombastic logo and the controller in place is representative of Nyphoon's goal - that of making products which gamers enjoy playing.

The clean logo is miles away of the older, more bombastic logo and the controller in place is representative of Nyphoon's goal - that of making products which gamers enjoy playing.

As development on Winter's Light progresses, with a proof-of-concept playable version expected to be finished by the end of the year, the time has never been more opportune for this move. You can follow Nyphoon for the latest news and updates by following our revamped Twitter account, liking us on Facebook or by subscribing to the RSS feed. Have feedback? Get in touch! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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